Monday, October 26, 2009

Mystery Monday: Teri’s Grocery Savings Tip


In these challenging economic times who doesn’t want to save a little dough? I do! I used to coupon, but it would take me so much time, that I quit…..for a while. I have recently started couponing again, and with the tutoring of a good friend (THANKS SUNNIE!!!), I have become more efficient. It also helps that I have a couple good friends who coupon as well, and so we share info on deals with each other. Here are a couple of couponing tips for you:

1 – Use the internet to learn what is a good deal and what isn’t. I primarily use a site called Pinching Your Pennies, from their main page you can link to forums for your state, and even for the military commissary. They use a 5 star system and tell you what is a good deal in the weekly ads. There are other great websites out there, but a lot of them you have to pay a monthly fee, and I just couldn’t justify that.

2- Subscribe to multiple papers so you can get multiple coupons. I subscribe to my local paper and I get 3 copies every Sunday (they also made me subscribe to the weekday paper). I more than recoup this expense every month. A lot of paper companies will let you get up to 5 or 6 copies, but this was too many for me to use.

3- Ask the advice of a seasoned pro. They may have a system that works really well for them, or at least some ideas you can use.

4- Don’t expect to be a pro overnight. I learn more every week. Also, expect to invest some time, especially at first. But it’s so worth it when you can get things for pennies or even free (and don’t say to yourself, I’m not going to do this, because we don’t eat processed food… use toilet paper and toothpaste don’t you?).

Look for more of my tips for what works for me to come up in future posts.

Now for the mystery part (that’s the part where we get to ask you a question):

What are your tips for saving money on groceries???

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Anna said...

make a shopping list and don't go to the store on an empty stomach!

Anne~fiona and twig said...

I think I'm just too lazy to clip coupos, but I really need to get on the stick!
Have a great day and best of luck in my giveaway!

{ L } said...

Thank you for these helpful tips! You have some very motivating ideas!

Matt and Ashlee said...

I love that tip!! I am known as the coupon queen!! We all work hard for our money , and I strive to make our dollar stretch as far as possible! I always look to see whats on sale, pair it with coupons, then make my dinner list for 2 weeks!! I am looking forward to other tips!!!

Happy Nester said...

Great tips. Thanks. I am with Anne, never shop on an empty stomach. And definitely don't let your hubby shop on an empty stomach.

Jane said...

What great advice...thanks for sharing! It seems like we all have to cut back these days and shop smart! Thanks for linkin' up to Frugalicious Friday!

Jane @ Finding Fabulous