Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guest Day Thursday: Teri from Mama Thompson

2 sisters 2gether welcomes….
Hi...I'm Teri...(not this Teri:)...Mama Thompson Teri...and I am very excited to be guest posting here at 2sisters 2gether...I just love these girls and all the great stuff they do
(and not just because one of them is a Teri...although that can't hurt right?).
I'm a stay at home mama to one adorably cute and way too smart almost 3 year-old. I have been blogging for the past couple of years documenting the life of my cute Lil D (Life as a Thompson)...but decided back in September that I needed a place to document all the things that I love to do.
And thus began Mama Thompson.
I love trying new things...I love anything I can create with my own 2 hands...but what I LOVE the satisfaction of seeing something and then making or doing it on my own. Whether it's a new recipe, a craft or decor for my home, a piece of jewelry or a total room makeover...I want to try it. Mama Thompson is the person that I strive to be...a better mom, wife, and homemaker...a "Mama" in every sense of the word.
If you feel the need to head on over to my neck of the woods (which I hear is just a few hours north of 1 of these sisters),
you will find...
"All the things I do in a day...well...when the (almost) 3 year-old let's me"
I also have an etsy shop, T's ETC
(I can make a shameless plug here right?:)
Decor for the home and holidays
What we eat (a variety of recipes)
and my favorite thing to do when I get the chance,
currently though...I'm doing lots of room makeovers...
(I am redoing 80% of my home from the basement up)
So that's me...just a mama...who likes to do well...

Isn’t she great? We love to visit her blog (and it isn’t even because she has a great name). You need to be sure to read about the month she didn’t eat out AT ALL, her play makeup for little girls, and her darling version of the oh so popular ornament wreath. Thanks Teri for guesting here today (and shameless plugs are just fine here).

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We interrupt the regularly scheduled program to announce that we are going to be absent from the blog this week. Our parents moved over 800 miles last week to where Micki lives, Micki works every day this week, and Teri is sick with a cold. Please excuse our absence with the exception of a guest post we already have scheduled and ready for Thursday. We will miss you all terribly, and hope to return to the regularly scheduled programming next week!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Our winner picked in the most scientific of having our Mom pick a number is Aimee from Heart Strings and Prescious Things! She picked option #4 a custom make cupcake tier. Aimee we'll be in contact to make arrangements for your prize! Thanks for everyone who entered, we appreciate your continued support. Look for another giveaway coming up when we hit the 100 follower mark!
The winner of our 100th post giveaway to be announced later today!