Thursday, October 22, 2009

Feature Friday: Teri’s Frugal & Free Decorating

It’s Friday again! How does the week speed by like that? I hope you’ve enjoyed our posts this week. This blog is a total outlet for me, so thanks for coming along for the ride.

Since it IS Friday, it’s all about the letter “F” today.

I went to drop two semi functional tv’s off at the local thrift store, and of course had to go in. Usually it is just a Mom kind of thing to do, but this time the whole fam was along for the ride. They found as many treasures as I did, and we left with an entire cart full of stuff. Ummm, hello, I thought the point of dropping stuff off was to get rid of more than you are accumulating.

Just wanted to share a couple of my finds and how I put them to good use. My dresser has been a no man’s land of junk accumulation, but it in now a beautiful haven for found items and things I “shopped the house” for. Previously the only thing on the dresser was the white lantern with the candle in it, I however stole the rocks out of another candle holder because this one needed more texture and more height.

October 2009 143

My dresser is one I inherited when we sold my grandparents house, I love it, but it is in much need of some tlc. I have been reading so much great advice about decorating (especially from the Nester on Nesting Place with her 31 Days to a Better Dressed Nest), so I completely rethought what to do here. I got this great shaped mirror on my trip with the fam to the thrift store (only $4), and hit it with some Old English Scratch Cover (don’t worry, it’s not touching that gorgeous crocheted runner), and it shined it up nicely. The lantern I mentioned already. The “sisters” were a gift from my very dear Friends (capitalized for emphasis on what truly wonderful women they are) when I moved last year, but had previously been residing in my living room. The bottom book I bought at a used book store for a dollar, and was going to use the sketches in it for a project, but I think it needs to stay here. The green book was one of my favorite purchases in this thrift trip, it was only 50 cents, and it adds the punch of color the dresser needed, but my favorite thing about it was the title….it’s called “The Strumpet Sea”, how funny is that (if I got the general gist it’s a book about a sea captain’s journey)? Gotta love anything that has the word strumpet in the title. The beautiful crocheted runner and doily were from my Grandma’s collection, I don’t know if she made them or if my Grandma Great did, but I love them none the less. The beautiful bowl is from my Grandma’s wedding china set, I robbed it from the china hutch in the other room. Hope you’ve enjoyed the brief glimpse into my room. How does it look?

Woo hoo!!! Today is Free Friday at my local thrift store. They put out stuff that they won’t sell because it needs a small repair or that has been in the shop a while and it’s all free. I’ve gotten some great stuff before. One of these day’s I’ll post about it.

Having issues with Blogger last night, sorry this is later than usual getting posted.

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Man, I wish my thrift store had a free Friday (or a free anyday of the week!) that's so cool.

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Very nice texture and isn't it great how books can elevate something simple and make it special?

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Another smart lady who shops her house, good for you! Your dresser vignette looks great. And you have a free-Friday thrift store??? Where do you live, I'm headed your way! I found you via the vignette party, so nice to meet you!