Thursday, December 17, 2009

Feature Friday: Vegas Baby!

Micki and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a nursing conference in Las Vegas with nurses from around the country. We got to hear this darling lady with her great sense of humor impart her wisdom to us. (Micki is on the left in pink and I am on the right in black).

Las Vegas 055

We got to see a friend we haven’t seen in about 12 years (thanks again Lisa and Todd for taking us to dinner, especially on such short notice)

Las Vegas 039

We got to see a lot of cowboys and cowgirls, because the National Finals Rodeo was in town.

We visited this pretty tree on Freemont Street (even if Micki thought we were going to get mugged or propositioned because we were there a little later than we probably should have been).

Las Vegas 05

Now you didn’t think we would actually get together and NOT craft did you? It may sound sad to some of you, but we did craft in our hotel room. Neither one of us are gamblers or drinkers, and who wants to drop that kind of money on a show so close to Christmas? Here we are working on our ornament wreaths (yes I know everyone is making them, ours don’t use the Eddie Ross method), in our pajamas. (note: if you know our mom, please don’t tell her that there are pictures of her grown and married daughters in their pajamas on the internet, she would disown us). We had a lot of fun! We are already planning our next getaway.

December 2009 055Las Vegas 045 December 2009 053

(left to right: Micki, Teri, Micki)

We have to apologize for the poor pictures. Vegas is not known as the city of light, and we are not know for being great picture takers.

Pray for Claire

If you haven't been following the story of Benson & Claire, please click here:

Claire is a spunky little toddler who is going in for a double kidney and liver transplant tonight. Please pray for her!

Guest Day Thursday: Kim’s Winter Frame

Some of my real life friends have said that they don’t know who is blogging when we blog, so we will try and let you know from now on. Teri here. I know I’ve mentioned my book club before, but they really are where a lot of my inspiration has motivation has come from. They are way more than a book club, they are life long friends. Well, this lovely lady and I both used to belong to aforementioned book club, and have both since moved (sad I know). She is amazingly talented and gorgeous to boot! Her name is Kim and she works for Rusty Pickle (they design and sell scrapbook stuff in case you lived under a log, scrapbooking wise anyway). Without further adieu I’ll let her introduce herself. Take it away Kim!

Well, let's see....I am a wife to one fabulous husband, daughter of two patient parents, mom of three unbelievable children, friend to four amazing women, and sister to five memorable siblings. I am a designer for a local scrapbook store & Rusty Pickle, a scrapbook company. I have a passion for creativity and love to tell stories through my photos. I sometimes feel frazzled, but most of the time I am overwhelmed by the blessings in my life.

Snowing Frame

The quote on the frame says:
"Cleaning the house while the kids are still growing is like shoveling snow while it is still snowing."
I know that you probably have memories of shoveling, but don't have much white stuff now!
{This was made with Cosmo Cricket's Jolly Be Golly paper line and all their yummy embellishments! The frame is by Fancy Pants.}

Thanks you Kim! That quote is so true, if you could see my house right now you would agree. If you would like to see more of Kim’s darling projects, you can go here. I hope I will be able to post some more of my talented friends and their projects!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Grandma’s Ginger Snaps (Teri)

Our grandma used to make the most heavenly ginger snaps. Now, I know a ginger snap is a kind of love it/hate it kind of a cookie. I don’t love most ginger snaps. I find them crunchy (which a cookie shouldn’t be if you ask me), dry and with too much of a bite. These are NOT that cookie. They are moist, soft and mellow. I don’t know what the secret is to the balance, but it is perfect (just ask me I ate enough of them while I was making them). There is something about Christmas that just says ginger snap to me, I make them almost every year. Let us know if you try them and if you liked them, we’d love to hear!

December 2009 079

Grandma’s Ginger Snaps


1 cup brown sugar

3/4 cup shortening


1 egg

4 tbsp molasses

Mix Well.


2 cups flour

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp cloves

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp ginger

2 tsp soda

Mix well. roll in balls the size of a walnut and roll in granulated sugar. Place on a cookie sheet, bake 10 – 15 min at 350°.

December 2009 081

I made these and packed them in these cute little buckets with lids that I found at Big Lots for 2/$2. My daughter is in intermediate school, and she is taking them tomorrow to give to her teachers (5 plus her bus driver). It wasn’t an expensive treat, but I love baking, and unfortunately if it stays in my house, I eat it ALL.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

For those of you who caught my quick-on-the-trigger early post for Thursday, sorry for the teaser glimpse and then pulling it away. It has been rescheduled to post when it should on Thursday.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tadpole Tuesday: Email to Santa (Micki)

My kids and I wrote an email to Santa. It’s a great website! We had fun.

Here’s the link so you can do your own.

Here’s my letter and the response I got :)


Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Micki. I am a girl and I am already 35 years old!! I live in the great city of Whoville. Of course, that's in Utah, United States, but I'll bet you knew that!! This year I've been so good that, well, ok, maybe my halo has been to the repair shop a few times this year.

Santa Claus, some things I might like for Christmas this year are:
- peace on earth;
- friendship for all; and,
- crafting for everyone!!!.

Santa Claus, I almost forgot to say... Santa Claus I almost forgot, I would also like a Rockem' Sockem' Robot Game

Love, Micki

I want a peace on earth for Christmas too.  I think they're really kewl!

#1, Rudolph Way
North Pole, Canada

Whoville, Utah
United States

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas Micki!

Thank you for sending me your email all the way from Whoville! (Make sure to say 'Hi!' to Max from Rudolph when you get a chance!) Did you know that Whoville is one of Mrs. Claus' favourite places? The other thing she really likes is to read all your wonderful emails. As a matter of fact, she was just asking if I had heard from you lately!

Oh! Oh! I think Santa forgot his hat in your letter (*wink*)!My goodness, Micki! Are you fibbing to ol' Santa Claus?!? You can't possibly be 35 years old already! Why it seems like only yesterday that I was leaving presents for a certain little girl and here you are now, practically one of Santa's elves! (*grin*)

Sorry the presents the last little while probably haven't been quite as exciting as they were when you were a little girl but, well, you know how these things go (*wink*). Anyway, Santa's glad to see some of the 'older kids' (not to mention anyone in particular!) still take the time to write. I also hear you've been a sorta good girl. (Of course, you won't mind if I do a little checking, will you? HO!! Ho!! ho!!).

Let's see what you put in your letter for Christmas wishes: 1. peace on earth; 2. friendship for all and; 3. crafting for everyone!!!. May all your Christmas wishes come true!Well, I have something to tell you about your Christmas presents. An elf is working hard on them right now! The elf's name is Clumsy. We really do love Clumsy (he really does make the best presents!) -- I just wish he'd be a little more, well, careful sometimes. I hope you won't be sad Micki if I can't bring you everything you want because Clumsy the Elf really wants you to have a very Merry Christmas!

Well, it's time for Santa Claus to go do his chimney exercises. Up! Down! Up! Down! Have to be in tip-top shape for the big night! Take care Micki and don't forget to come back and visit me here at on Christmas Eve!! And remember... only 10 more sleeps until Christmas!!

Lots of Love,
Santa Claus

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mystery Monday: Christmas Traditions

The first year Micki was dating her husband she came home with him for Thanksgiving. Her husbands mom sent them to Kmart to buy candles for the table. While there she spotted a cute Christmas Teddy Bear. She told her hubby (then boyfriend) about it. She came home before him and when she picked him up at the airport he had the bear for her. So every year since then they have bought a Christmas Bear. This year she switched to Walmart because the bear was cuter! They decided to break the mold and not get a traditional colored one. It's kind of a cheesy tradition, but special to them. They are on their 14th bear. :) They have no idea where they are going to start putting them all. They are getting overrun with bears.
The poor dirty one in the front was their very first and Micki slept with him for quite awhile so he got a little tattered and stained. Oops.

One of our other traditions at the holiday season is that on New Years Eve Mother Goose comes to leave one small gift for the kids every year. When Micki and Teri were little one year Mother Goose left Monchichis (yes that will date us). We got a boy one and a girl one and named them Mon and Chichi. So creative weren't we?
Now for the mystery: What are some of your quirky Holiday traditions?
Edited: We are linking up to Somday Crafts Christmas Traditions party.