Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tadpole Tuesday: Seamless Gift (Teri)

My darling daughter loves to create with fabric. She has made Barbie clothes ribbon and fabric as well as out of toilet paper.I need to get her involved in 4H or something, but I digress. For her brother’s birthday she wanted to make him something, she had learned at Activity Days how to tie a fleece blanket, so she decided she wanted to do that. She raided my fabric stash, and found some fabric with sports balls on it, perfect for my son! I didn’t have the heart to tell her (especially after I yelled at her for using my fabric without permission), that because the fabric was flannel (some yardage that was destined to be pj pants that never happened), it would fray and not stand up to well in the wash. She was so proud of this project, that after I apologized for being momzilla, that I just complimented her on it. She really did do a great job, her ties are pretty even and tied well, I just wish it was out of fleece. So far it is doing fine, but it’s only a month old, and hasn’t been washed yet. Maybe she has developed a new type of rag quilt, who knows. Only time will tell, but I AM proud of her ingenuity, and it didn’t take her much time at all.

Craft Pictures 105

She also made a darling pillow sham for my nephew the same way, but somehow the pictures got deleted and it’s already been given. If I can get a picture at a later date, I will post it.

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