Friday, February 5, 2010

Tales of a Shared Womb: Honored Guests!

It certainly is an exciting week here at 2sisters! We have gotten an award (incidentally we received it from the two lovely ladies you are about to meet), posted our 100th post, and now we are having our second guest blogger (okay really second and third)!

We are beyond excited to welcome our guest bloggers today, we will let them introduce themselves. We love to read both their blogs, and hope you will enjoy them as well!

Hello and Howdy !!!

Let us begin by saying that is a complete honor to be guest bloggers!!

We are Angelique and Misty and we are identical twin sisters.

Angelique is the proud blogger of Six in One Hand


Misty is the bloggy diva of Six Divided By Two

known together as the Six Sisters.

Angelique: " Why do I just get to be a proud blogger and you the diva? No mam.."

Misty : I said PROUD blogger....

This is us all the time..

We love being twins . Would not change it for anything but we know the downside and (always) funny side of being a twin. So we thought it would be funny to share with you what we call,

"The Six Perils of Being a Twin"

1.Your children do not know who is who.

Angelique: " A common phrase in our family is, " I am not your mother.."

Misty: " So true. Once when my oldest was small she came up to me at church and said, " Hi Angelique!"

Angelique: " Do you remember when our kids were small? We would press our faces together and they would cry because they could not tell who was who..!"

2. Jilted Boyfriends!!

Misty: (laughing so hard she is in tears) Oh yes.. I almost forgot! The guy I never called back..

Angelique: I will never forget it!! He came up to me in the grocery store ranting about why you never called.

I told him I was your twin and he got mad. " Don't give me the old I have a twin routine!"

After I showed him my driver's license he apologized.

Misty: Never did call him back lol!!!

3. The infamous affairs

Misty: Whoa Baby!! I thought I was going to have to get a divorce behind that one!! My husband and I go out to dinner one night. He had been out of town for a few days. The waiter comes over and is telling me how busy of a woman I must be. He tells my husband that I was there last night with another man! OK I am pissed! I swear up and down it's not true - because it was NOT!!

Angelique: I had to explain to my brother in law that I had been on a date at that restaurant the night before!!

Misty: I wanted to kill that waiter. I had no idea what he was talking about!! We laughed about it later but I was not amused.

Angelique: That is why we always told each other where the other was going to be or had been. lol

4. Girlfriends you know nothing about

Misty: How many times has this happened? But the best one was your friend screaming,"Angelique !!" from the third level of the mall. Mind you I am on the first level. That would have been okay but even after I told her I was your sister she was screaming her conversation and phone number from the third level

Angelique: Yes, I know. I have mastered the art of playing you and never saying the person's name!!

5. Being accused of abandoning your newborn at the hospital!!

Angelique: I still can't believe that one!! The nurses thought you were me when Alex was born.

Misty: They personally escorted me to your room... I was waiting to see the looks on their faces!! All I wanted was a soda.

6. The Questions

Misty: What is the question that you get asked the most?

Angelique: "Where is your sister?"

Misty: "Who is the good twin and who is the bad twin?" or mean vs. nice-

Angelique: " How many minutes are you apart?

Misty: That's my fav. Do you always rank strangers this on a regular basis? I'm just wondering....

Angelique: "If I hit you will your sister feel it?"

Misty: No, but you will if you hit my sister. Once again, back to that rank strangers thing.

But there are sooo many things that we love about being twins..

The bond that we share is uncanny. Being a twin, to be so close to a person, is truly a gift from God. A friendship/sisterhood that could never be broken or explained.

Thank you so much girls, we can totally relate to so many of those things. We have gotten good at either playing each other, in fact we answer to each others names more often than to our own. It makes it hazardous when you work with someone with your sister's name. We long ago decided though, that Micki IS the evil twin (she even has a shirt that says "I am the evil twin". It's all good.

Being a twin is truly a gift from God. We don't know how we would ever survive without each other. One cannot truly understand the bond that you share as a twin unless you are one, it's just impossible.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Isn't it funny that they should ask you where your twin is? I guess, I shouldn't be surprised at that because I get asked that sometimes about my sisters.


Sheila :-)

Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

Great post! I just discovered your blog through the Six dividided by Two blog and I can't wait to read more! I have 2 amazing older sisters that I love to death so I can totally agree about the bonds of sisterhood although I'm pretty sure being a twin is somewhat different:) This really made me smile, and I love the photos...