Monday, February 1, 2010

Mystery Monday: What IS That? (Teri)

If you read this post, you know I have some crazy round things outside on my bird feeder station. I promised you that I would reveal what they are today. So, today’s mystery is what the heck IS that round thing on the bird feeing station? Here’s a close up picture that hopefully you might get a better view of what they are (there are 4 of them hanging up, one from each arm).

Craft Pictures 031

They are natural bird feeders that my husband and kids made. My husband sliced up a spaghetti squash that we hadn’t eaten, they then spread chunky peanut butter on it and stuck bird food and oatmeal to them. The birds have eaten some of it. They are just hung up with wire. It was a fun project and we like having a variety of things to feed the birds, so we can attract different birds. Here are a couple of little House Finches that were visiting us (the male is the one with red, see him checking out the girl?).

Bird Festival 003

Do any of you have birdfeeders? What kind of birds do you attract? Have you made any “natural” birdfeeders?

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Mama Thompson said...

I should probably do something like little one loves to watch the birds in the yard...great idea!