Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tadpole Tuesday: Kids in the Kitchen (Teri)

Childhood pics 022

We have been working really hard lately to eat out less. So far we have gone from eating out about 5-7 times a week (I know *gasp*) to once maybe twice a week. I know awesome huh? Better yet, we are all cooking more. As part of that, I have been having my daughter who is almost 12 cook once a week. She plans what she will cook and I put it on the menu for a day I’m not working and can help her. She LOVES to cook, and especially bake (she is in the kitchen working on the recipe I will be posting tomorrow right now). For Christmas a couple of her gifts were cooking themed, and she got measuring cups and spoons in her stocking. So what have I found that is easy for her to use, and that she loves you ask?

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My son also likes to help, but at six, sometimes it’s mostly just a fun activity (for them anyway) than it is actual help.

For Christmas my daughter got Paula Deen’s Cooking for the Luchbox Set. It’s fabulous for kids (and beginning cooks) because not only are the recipes simple, but there are illustrations to boot! The recipes are given step by step, which is annoying to me as a more experienced cook but awesome for her.

My daughter also got the Perfect Brownie Pan. I know you are holding your sides and laughing (and would be laughing even harder if you knew that her brother gave her a Snuggie). It’s so fun for her though, and the brownies (from a mix so far is all) turn out great and in perfect proportion to each other.

Micki has been working with her daughter (if you read this post, you will know she is almost 12 as well) on cooking as well. Her daughter’s favorite food is tacos, so that’s the first thing Micki taught her to make. Now, I realize you are going, how hard are tacos? But there are a lot of beginning skills to be learned by making tacos. She does everything including chopping all the veges. She may have a Perfect Brownie Pan coming her way someday soon!

Is there anything out there that you love for the budding chef (or the experienced on as well)? We would love to hear about it.


~Lesia and Clay~ said...

Mikayla loves to help cook with Clay and I, as we try no Weight Watcher recipes. I think she is even learning to try new foods because she actually helped make it. She is learning to eat healthier and it is hard for her not to go out to eat every time we are out of the house. Before my weight loss program and my new way of eating, she thought she needed to go out to eat all the time. But now that I DON'T eat out she has quite asking. Good luck Teri!

Keri Tate said...

I have a small home-based preschool and we love Emeril LaGasse's There's a Chef in My Soup. We cook several times a week together. It's such a great learning experience.