Friday, January 22, 2010

Feature Friday: Tales of a shared womb and shared quirks

Note: This color is Micki and this color is Teri

You know how everyone has their little quirks. Well we have several of the same quirks (as each other) ......go figure.

We don't like our food to touch on our plates (Micki's mother-in-law gave her separate plates when she first became a part of the family). And don't even think about putting hot food and cold food on the same plate (my mother-in-law used to set out a separate salad plate just for me and my brother-in-law, because of this). And we don't like jello salad (or anything fruity) on the same plate as a green salad. We used to not use the same fork for the main meal and dessert or the same cup twice, but we have gotten over that (speak for yourself, I still like a clean fork for dessert).

We both rub our feet together to go to sleep (it's a comfort thing. I remember when we went to girls camp in the summer and had slick sleeping bags, it used to drive people crazy because they could hear our feet scratching the inside of our bags).

We both have irrational fear of bridges. So if any of you have seen the bridge they are building by the Hoover Dam, you will know we are terrified to think we might have to eventually drive over it(oh, I WON'T be driving over it, I will take the other way). Mine is more a fear of heights in general, I once fell down flat on my stomach riding a ferry over to Vancouver Island because the captain blew the whistle and it scared me because I was on the third deck up.

We both have Asthma that was diagnosed when we were adults.

When we were about eleven they were doing a research study at the local university on twins. We participated and even our brain waves (or lack of them) were identical. It was so much fun!


Six divided by two..... said...

Oh sooo true!! I think that it is awesome you did a study on twins!! I want to do that! Where so we sign up?

Six divided by two..... said...

Angelique and I would looove to guest blog for you!!!! What would you like us to discuss?? And how would you like us to it?

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, girls! I'm back for a quick visit the next couple of days.

I think that is fascinating that your brain waves are identical. how neat!

I like clean forks for different portions of the meal, and that's what we do. Actually, it's proper tablesetting etiquette so you have golden rule to back you up! ;-)

I don't like jello anymore at all, but I do like tomato aspic (being a good Southerner). I don't mind that being served on a lettuce leaf because it is spicy.


Sheila :-)

Anne~Fiona and Twig said...

Well, I don't think y'all are weird at all. Now the rubbing your feet thing, that's a little different, but again, who the heck am *I* to judge, right? ;-)

Have a great weekend!

rozannaw said...

Micki maybe your birth dad is a cricket and that is why you rub your feet together?!? HHHHMMMMMM???

Six divided by two..... said...

This week is fine.. we will email it to you today