Friday, January 15, 2010

Feature Friday: Tales of a Shared Womb....Scarey Similarities

Side note: Took this picture ourselves in Vegas. Not the best picture ever. Teri is on the left and Micki is on the right (It's the only one we could find with us both together that we haven't already posted, since we both LOVE having our picture taken so much)

Same as last week, this color is Micki, and this color is Teri.

We have some funny similarities as adults (It's really kindda scary sometimes actually).

First, we are both nurses. Our love is labor and delivery. What better thing than to see a new life come into the world. Unfortunately for Teri she can not get on in labor and delivery in her small town (ocassionally I do get to float there, and I work on Pediatrics a lot now, so that helps fill the need).

Our names don't rhyme, obviously, but our husbands do!

Now on to our kids. We each have 2. Our older ones were both unplanned but a blessing none the less. They are both girls, and were the same weight, length, and head circumference and were born 2 weeks apart. Now here is the difference Micki had hers naturally with no drugs (nutso I know) and Teri had a c-section after laboring and pushing for hours and a trial forceps. Then our second children were born when our first were in kindergarten because our husbands were not ready for them before that (I was actually not ready at first, because of my experience the first time, then my husband was unemployed, then he was finally ready). They were both planned but our husbands forbid us to tell eachother we were trying to get pregnant because they didn't want the other one to plan a baby at the same time. lol Sometimes our "twiness" gets on their nerves. (They should so know by now that we don't keep secrets from each other very well). So we ended up getting pregnant a few weeks apart anyway. Of course, the second I was pregnant I told Teri. And she laughed and said that they were trying too. She came down to visit when I was about 6 weeks pregnant and we went to our first Bon Jovi concert (cuz Bon Jovi is our secret boyfriend lol) and Teri was probably pregnant and didn't even know. She was so sad I was pregnant and she wasn't, it broke my heart. But it all worked out. So the boys were born almost 6 weeks apart. Hooray!! It's been so much fun for my mom because it's like she has 2 sets of twins. The kids actually love to dress alike and call eachother their twin cousins. They all look very similar. You would mistake them for siblings if you didn't know. Although, Micki's daughter and Teri's son have very similar personalities and vise versa for the other 2. It's so much fun!!!!!!
Both of our inlaw families think it's hysteical how much a like our kids look. When were were home visiting my hubby's family for the holidays, they kept commenting about how much the picture of Micki's son on their Christmas card looked like my son. We love it!!! It has been so much fun having kids together.

You guys have got to have some unasked funny questions about twins. Let us have them, there are no stupid questions and we will do our best to answer anything.

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