Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mystery Monday: Christmas Traditions

The first year Micki was dating her husband she came home with him for Thanksgiving. Her husbands mom sent them to Kmart to buy candles for the table. While there she spotted a cute Christmas Teddy Bear. She told her hubby (then boyfriend) about it. She came home before him and when she picked him up at the airport he had the bear for her. So every year since then they have bought a Christmas Bear. This year she switched to Walmart because the bear was cuter! They decided to break the mold and not get a traditional colored one. It's kind of a cheesy tradition, but special to them. They are on their 14th bear. :) They have no idea where they are going to start putting them all. They are getting overrun with bears.
The poor dirty one in the front was their very first and Micki slept with him for quite awhile so he got a little tattered and stained. Oops.

One of our other traditions at the holiday season is that on New Years Eve Mother Goose comes to leave one small gift for the kids every year. When Micki and Teri were little one year Mother Goose left Monchichis (yes that will date us). We got a boy one and a girl one and named them Mon and Chichi. So creative weren't we?
Now for the mystery: What are some of your quirky Holiday traditions?
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Anna said...

aw. the bear thing is cute. we have a pickle c-mas tree ornament. yes, a pickle. it's so cute. on christmas eve, santa hides the pickle somewhere on the tree. the very first thing after family prayer on christmas morning is finding the pickle among all the other ornaments. whoever finds it gets a prize. we look forward to it every year. again, yes - it's a pickle!

Troy said...

Anyone who has ever been in love can appreciate the Bear Tradition.

I'm not sure how quirky it is, but every year on Christmas Day instead of the usual ham/Turkey kind of dinner, we pick a country and make a dinner based on the traditions of that country.

This year we are doing Italy, last year was Switzerland, before that Brazil, New Zealand, etc.

We started doing this when we were dating and have done it every Christmas that we have been together except for the year I was in the hospital for Christmas.

Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

That's so sweet. :-)

~Lesia and Clay~ said...

Years ago I had plush teddy bears on my tree, so my kids too would buy me a Christmas bear every year from Wal-mart. When I changed my theme to a country cowboy tree and got rid of the bears on it, we decided to donate the Christmas bears to the local fire/police department. There was a lot of them since every year my son would get me the boy and girl pair that matched with the year stamped on their feet. They will give the bears to children that have been a victim of the tragic fire or violence. They were very grateful to have so many gifts to pass around. Just an idea....

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I have quite a few bears from my youth that have the year embroidered on it's feet/hat. Love this tradition too!