Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tadpole Tuesday: Kiddos Pumpkins

For our first Tadpole Tuesday, we are featuring seasonal art by Teri’s kids. Emma (Teri’s preteen daughter) has been wanting to do a project for us to post since we started, so here is her moment to shine! What mom doesn’t love it when there is something everyone thinks is fun to do? Our family has always loved to craft, so naturally our kids do too! While the Pumpkins on Safari were in production, Emma thought it would be fun to do her own, so she used a couple of the craft pumpkins that we had purchased for 40% off and some fall paper that was in the dollar section at Target. Here is what she came up with.October 2009 019

October 2009 018

Well, that was so much fun, that she decided that she needed some pumpkins for her room (and of course they had to match her room). I happened to be working that night, so she texted me to see if she could use another pumpkin, I said sure. Little did I know that she would use three and her brother (Nathan) would use another one (luckily the three little ones were purchased at Dollar Tree and the other was purchased at Michael’s for 40% off). They used craft paint to paint the solid ones (you might recognize the pink and black used in this project), she used Fabric Mod Podge and leftover trim from the same project as well for the big one, and she used her Cuttle Bug to cut shapes that she Mod Podged on the last one. I think they are cute, and they both love them.

Hope you have enjoyed our first Tadpole Tuesday!!! Emma would adore feedback, so please leave comments I can share with her (and Nathan).

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Anna said...

great job, emma! and how creative of you to make ones for your room - and ones that match for that matter! you are shaping up to be just as fun and creative as your mom. :)