Friday, October 2, 2009


Okay, while that may seem like a strange title for a post on a craft blog, let me explain. I (Teri) am an insomniac. This is a result of many things. I am a Registered Nurse who works night shifts, which has altered my sleeping cycles dramatically. I am also by nature a bit of a night owl anyway. So, while I had the best of intentions of going to bed early, fate has conspired against me, and I just can’t make my mind stop with the ideas (and I worked last night, and slept all day, so now I’m having trouble falling asleep). While this may seem completely unrelated to the blog, I am getting to the point.

I was laying in bed, trying valiantly to go to sleep, when I started thinking about what would help organize this blog and make it easier for us to post. Micki calls this my blog, because I had the idea to start it, but really I think she is catching my enthusiasm, and so hopefully this will make it easier for both of us to post.

Each day of the week is going to be themed. I have seen this done on other blogs, and I like it. So here are the daily themes we have come up with, and hopefully it will help us make this a fun place to spend a little time.

Mystery Monday: This day will be for things that are a mystery to us and to you. In other words, we will post our questions for you. Sometimes we have a piece we love but don’t know what to do with or we don’t know how to do a project we want to. So, we will post our questions for you to help us with. You can either email us the answer, or leave it in the comments. In return, you can post questions for us (again either in email or comments) and we will answer them as best we can. Hopefully it will work so that we can post the answers on the following Mystery Monday, or via return email.

Tadpole Tuesday: This day will be dedicated to two things. It will give you a sneak peek at some of our “tadpole projects”, which are projects we are just starting, or will soon be featuring. It will also be a day where we showcase projects by “tadpole crafters” aka beginning crafters (probably usually our kids).

Whatever Goes Wednesday: This day will be for featuring a variety of projects by us or others. It’s for things that we can’t wait for another day to post, or for things that don’t fit into another “theme”

Guest Day Thursday: This will be a day when we can feature crafts by other people. It will also be a day when, hopefully, we can have guest bloggers.

Feature Friday: This will be a day to feature all of our favorite things that start with F. Fabric, Furniture, Favorite Finds, Fashion, Frugality, Food, Friends….. You get the idea.

Weekend Surprise: The weekends will be a surprise (mostly it will be a surprise if we can post this many days a week).

Sorry for the novel, but I had to get this down, so that hopefully I can get some sleep! Please leave us some feedback about this idea. Would you like it, or would it be too “cutesy”?

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