Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guest Day Thursday: Kathy from Creative Home Expressions

Our guest blogger today is Kathy from Creative Home Expressions. She is and interior designer by trade and a blogger extraordinaire! She has had a couple of snow days lately (we don’t even know what those are here), and has been able to work on a couple of projects (lucky her). Here she is today to share a fun project with our readers! Thank you so much Kathy!!!

I’m thrilled to be a guest blogger at 2Sisters 2gether! Thank you Teri and Micki! In keeping with a project that is also home decor related, I thought I’d share a quick coaster project.

I had purchased this package of six coasters at Michaels from their $1.00 bins thinking that I could use them in another way {which I did, but that’s for another upcoming post}. They are labeled as “paper coasters”, but are cardboard. I had one left that I didn’t use.


I bought these napkins at TJ Maxx {or Marshalls ~ one of the two} with my first name initial.


Since I have reset myself up at the desk in our living room {another future post}, I realized I needed a coaster for my coffee while I’m reading so many awe-inspiring blogs in the morning. Actually, hubby said, “you should put something under your cup so it’s not right on the desk”. Sheesh!

So I took my extra coaster and one of my “K” napkins; and a little Mod Podge, and set to work to make myself a pretty coaster.


These napkins are smaller than the white ones with the monogram in black, like the one I did here on a plate, so they didn’t fit the full round of the coaster.


I added some scrap book paper first as a base, then cut out the “K” with some of the design to fit on top of that. You are only using the top layer of the napkin, so you’ll need to be careful. I just put Mod Podge on the coaster base and applied the napkin right on top. When that was dry, I put a coat of Mod Podge over the whole thing.



Then, once everything was dry, I sprayed it with some polyurethane spray for protection.


Now I have a coaster for my coffee cup that matches my living room and hubby doesn’t have to turn into me and “suggest” I put something under my cup!


Teri has a Diet Coke that totally needs this! Thanks again Kathy! (Can you believe this is her first guest post?).

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Congratulations Kathy!!!

Six in One Hand said...

I love it!!!!

Great idea for the napkins.
I will be looking for those coasters.

Vitania said...

That is so smart !!

Denise said...

Love this! Off to look for these coasters :)

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

They look fabulous and so you ;). Black and white never looked so good.