Monday, January 11, 2010

Mystery Monday: Cleaning Products

We thought today we would share some of our favorite cleaning products with you.

Micki’s Favorites:

cleaner 3cleaner 2

I love to use all natural cleaners that work great!! I know I am being preachy but they really are better for you and the environment. They are also better for my son who has asthma. These 2 are ones that I use everyday. The Mrs Myers Clean Day I use on my counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms. The lavender is my favorite scent, but I like the lemon verbena too. The Holy Cow window cleaner I use on all the glass and mirrors in my home and it works great!! Smells great too!! I do not care for the Holy Cow multipurpose cleaner. It works well but smells really bad. I am really into the way my cleaners smell, because if they don't smell good, neither does your home (she forgot to tell you, especially when you have to cats, sorry Mick, had to add that).

Teri’s Favorite:

cleaner 1

I LOVE Method brand multipurpose cleaner. I use it on my counters and table. It cleans well, smells good, and is better for the environment. I agree with Micki, if your cleaners don’t smell good, your house sometimes doesn’t either. I haven’t jumped on the natural product bandwagon as much as Micki has (or as much as I should either), but I do like it when I can use less harsh cleaners. Here’s what the company says about their products (I took this right from their website).

All method products contain natural ingredients. When you see the word "natural" on a method label, it means that 100% of its functional cleaning ingredients - things like soaps, detergents, solvents and enzymes - are either found in nature or derived from natural sources.

We use natural and naturally derived materials from renewable or abundant sources wherever we can. If we can't find a natural ingredient to get the job done, we'll use a safe, green, man-made version instead. In all cases, we only use ingredients that have passed through a comprehensive green and health screen: ingredients we have confirmed to be totally safe for people and safe for the environment.

"Natural" is still not a standardized or regulated term. So while we could, we won't call a product "natural" if even one of its functional ingredients isn't natural or naturally derived. When it comes to labeling our products, we hold ourselves to a high standard because we believe that a natural cleaner should actually come from nature.

The mystery: What are your favorite cleaning products?

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