Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tadpole Tuesday: Christmas Gifts (Teri)

Remember these soaps that my daughter made for her friends for Christmas? Here’s the completed present:

December 2009 110

The cute box started out looking like this:

December 2009 031

A little Mod Podge and some scrapbook paper and a total transformation:

December 2009 105

Here’s the breakdown:

Box - 50¢ at a local thrift

Mod Podge & scrapbook paper already on hand – free

Soaps – approx 50¢

Cute colored wash rag - 50¢ (came in a package of 8 for $4)

Nail polish kit – $1 in dollar section at Target

Pedicure kit – on clearance for 50¢ in dollar section at Target

Basket - $1 in dollar section at Target.

Grand total: $4 a piece (we made 6) and time and love. Not a bad price for something so cute I don’t think. My daughters friends seemed to love them. My only regret is that we put the paper clear to the top of the box, so when we put the lids back on some of the paper got squished. I guess you just live and learn.

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Mama Thompson said...

I LOVE gifts like this...great job!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Looks like a fun project you've done there, and you can't beat the price. :-)

Anna said...

LOVE it! what a great idea. so glad ihave a creative friend like you to keep me full of fun prjects to do!

2sisters said...

I'm just glad that I have crafty friends to help me with projects! Thanks Anna!!! (p.s. I miss you, when we going to work together again?)