Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tadpole Tuesday: Micki’s Mini Kids Trees

Note: The TREES are mini, not the kids

My kids got mini trees this year. The crooked one in the boot my mother in law bought, on clearance at Michaels 90% off last year, for my son. So it was like $1.50. And the black one I bought after Halloween for $1.19. My kiddos loved them and had fun decorating them. They love that they each have their own tree in their room.

Micki Jeremy's tree

Do not adjust the color on your monitor, the following tree IS black.

Micki Mantha's tree

Remember this gorgeous flooring we featured here? Now you get to see it up close.

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Valeree said...

How fun that each child has a tree in their room! Believe me, you've started a tradition. My daughers are teenagers and a few years ago I got them a 3 ft tree to put in our loft area upstairs outside their bedrooms that they could decorate anyway they wanted. They love it. They start asking about getting it out earlier and earlier every year. Thanks for stopping by to visit me. And oh, LOVE your gorgeous floor!