Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Cupcake Tiers (Teri)

So, no recipe today, instead a fun way to display a scrumptious dessert like this one we posted last week, or some cute cupcakes. You can also use it as a display piece for just about anything you want. Here is my inspiration piece, my friend made it and gave it to me for Christmas (thanks Deni!!!). I used it as a centerpiece on my table with Christmas ornaments from the dollar store embellishing it.

December 2009 002

I know you’ve seen these all over the blogosphere, but I have to tell you I think I’m addicted to buying pieces for and making these. I have made six so far, and am not ready to stop (be forewarned if you are my friend, you might get one of these for your birthday, I’m just saying). So here are a couple of my favorites, I had a hard time taking pictures because of lighting in my house and my camera battery being dead (so I was using a camera I wasn’t familiar with).

Craft Pictures 024

I love the pretty scalloped edges on both these plates, but especially the top one. I also love the white “milk glass?” cups, I thought the all white was perfect. I think this one is going to have to stay at my house.

Cake Bon bons 003

Here is is all covered with yummy cake bon bons, but you can see the detail at the plate edges better in this picture.

Craft Pictures 025

I found the top plate at one of my local thrifts and bought it to go with another plate, but it looked to perfect as the third tier with the embossed detail on the other plates that it just had to be triple tiered (I left a bottom glass off this one so that it wouldn’t be too tall to store)

Craft Pictures 004

This is the one I wrapped up and gave to my darling friend Anna for her birthday. Robin’s egg blue is her favorite color, so I totally scored with this one.

The tutorial for these is pretty easy. Pick out plates and glasses you think look good together. I then used Locktite epoxy to stick the pieces together. Here’s a couple of tips that my friend who made mine gave me. First, when applying the epoxy to your glass, hold the side you are applying it to down and apply it, otherwise the epoxy will run up the glass and you will see it. Also, if your plate or glass or work surface isn’t 100% level, once applied your glass might slide, if so hold in place for a few seconds and once the epoxy starts to set up you shouldn’t have a problem. I attached the glasses to each plate, then waited about 5 or 10 minutes for it to start to cure and attached them to each other (I then let them sit undisturbed for 24 hours to fully cure). Esay peasy! (Sorry for the novel, but I didn’t even show you all of the ones I’ve made).

My favorite part about these, the price!!! Even including the cost of the epoxy none of these cost me more than $5! I picked up all glasses and most of my plates at the local thrift stores (the rest of the plates I got at either Ross or Home Goods on clearance). The epoxy I bought at Walmart and Home Depot. I washed everything in the dishwasher before I started, then hand washed them again before I put any food on them.

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rozannaw said...

ok teri my anniversary is on craft day so I will be expecting this from you as a gift! LOL!!! So stinking cute!!! May have to go make one today!

Anna said...

i love them ALL! the 3 tiered green one is beautiful. mine is still my favorite, though! LOVE IT! xoxox

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, girls... this is SO neat! You did great with these. I'm very impressed.


Sheila :-)

jenjen said...

So pretty! I have been wanting to make one for a while. Yours are beautiful.

I love that you guys have a blog together -- that is so cool!


Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

I like the scalloped one the best! I made one with glass vases for my daughters 1st b~day, never with glasses...

FleaMarketTrixie said...

Those are so cute!!!! said...

adorable! great job

Remodelaholic said...

I would have absolutely no problem at all getting one of these for my birthday... My address is.. Just kidding. But seriously I love them too.

I LOVE the white plate version that you made, those plates are so beautiful. I think it is time that I make one of my own!

Thanks for showing us. Please come back and join the party again soon!

PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

I can understand why you enjoy making them...they are fun to do. I made one for my daughter for Christmas and will probably be making more also.
Cindy at Lakewood

Heather@ said...

I find myself drawn to the various plates and cups, candle holders, and dessert bowls at Goodwill, because I just loooove making these dessert plates!

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