Thursday, January 7, 2010

Guest Day Thursday: In-Law’s Quilts (Teri)

I have the most talented quilters for in-laws. No, I’m not talking about my just my mother-in-law, but my father-in-law as well. This last couple of years, they have really gone all out for the family for presents. Three Christmases ago they picked the name of the couple in the family that is the hardest to buy for (sorry Tam, but it’s true, at least as far as your other half goes anyway). My darling mother-in-law knew my sister-in-law wanted a new bed cover of some sort, so my father-in-law went to work piecing the top, then my mother-in-law quilted it and bound it. Yes, I did say my father-in-law pieced the top. He is very talented. And the quilting and finishing job my mother-in-law does is amazing. She does piecing too, but for the quilts they have made to give away lately, my father-in-law has done most (if not all) of the piecing. Don’t I have talented in-laws!?!

Here is the finished masterpiece, which made my cute sister-in-law cry because it meant so much to her that they would be so thoughtful to pick the perfect gift.

quilt 1

Well, this of course set a standard for gift giving for the next few Christmases. The couple that my in-laws drew for the next few years have/are going to get a quilt. Here are the other two that they have given the most recent two Christmases.

quilt 3

quilt 2

Guess what? Next year it’s my turn!!! Isn’t that exciting. My mother in law let me choose my colors and had me pick some of the blocks I liked. So even though I have to wait almost a year, I’m next!!! (I picked more neutral colors, so I can accessorize with whatever colors I want).

There are still two more quilts that they haven’t gotten pictures of that they did for my two single sister in-laws this year, I hope I cant post them soon (I just couldn’t wait for them in order to post these). If you are trying to do the math, five of my husband's siblings have gotten quilts, my husband and I get ours next Christmas, and we are the last..... (yes my husband comes from a moderately large family, although not huge compared to a lot of familys where we live).

I can’t wait to share with you the quilts they did for all the grandkids, but that will have to be another post. Too much eye candy would be dangerous for one post.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Those are amazing! What wonderful quilts! :-)

~Lesia and Clay~ said...

they are very pretty for sure.way talented!